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Reviews and Comments

I really enjoyed reading this witty authors insight regarding his life's experience as a bus driver. It is said by most scholars that we learn best though personal experience but this author is able to bring the reader onto his bus as a witness to his daily encounters with the good, the bad and the ugly of humanity. It is a ride which is worthy of the cost of his colorful creation... – Al Conti, Actor & Friend

"All Aboard is compellingly written with an authentic voice and a unique perspective that will keep you glued to the pages if you are someone who appreciates the diversity of human life and stories to go along with that. Billy Alsheimer shares his unique perspective and sensitivity as a bus driver, but inadvertently shows us that he is also a psychologist, story-teller and a genuine human being with an old fashioned heart. He writes with extraordinary frankness, and in reaching the reader, invites one to join him on his colorful, inspiring, touchingly human journey through life. If you're looking for a quick read that is well written, entertaining and nakedly human, pick up this book. You won't be disappointed..." – Srini Pillay MD, CEO: Neuro Business Group, Asst. Clinical Professor Harvard Medical School, Cambridge Massachusetts

TV Interview: 8/17/11 on The Rhode Show

Radio Interview (MP3): 6/25/11 on the Helen Glover Show

"Billy takes the seemingly mundane experience of driving a city bus and turns it into a fascinating, funny and, at times touching, experience. Everyone has a unique and interesting life story and Billy brings it all to life! After reading how interesting and rich the experience is, I'm going to start riding the bus more!"
Paul Fuller, DJ at 94.1 WHJY/Clear Channel Communications

"Billy has presented us with an inside look at a side of life not generally experienced on a day-to-day basis.  Sure, we've all run into characters in our lives, both comedic and tragic, but Billy allows us some insight into the impact these encounters can have when they are constant and relentless.  I am mystified by the extensive recollection he displays in sharing his experiences as a bus driver, and although some of the stories are certainly humorous, I was most struck by the psychological and emotional toll it took on him at such a young age. I commend Billy for sharing his story with us and for allowing us to experience such a unique perspective on human nature." – Robert B. Milligan, CEO

A self-published collection of his on-the-job-encounters, William Alsheimer III lets loose in a humble and heartfelt tell it like it is memoir.  

A straight-forward and earnest recollection of his 25+ years in public transportation, Mr. Alsheimer recounts with vivid detail some of his most memorable experiences.   

With colorful characters and an engaging first person voice, All Aboard: One Driver’s Story is a breezy catalog of semi-jaded management, weary co-workers and unforgettable passengers. Delivered in bite-sized anecdotes and organized into chapters with headings such as, “The Cuckoo Express”, “The Soup Kitchen Gang”, and “Close Calls” All Aboard recounts the funny, frustrating and unexpected lessons he learned while working with the general public. 

A must-read for anyone in the service trenches, All Aboard; One Driver’s Story finds the  balance between tolerance, limits, humor and heartache. – Paige Kane, Writer/Friend/Fan