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If you're in the RI area, the book is available at Island Books in Middletown.

Billy welcomes anyone who has read All Aboard - One Driver's Story to write a review on Amazon if they wish to do so!

About the Author

Billy Alsheimer grew up the son of a bus driver in a working class household in Newport, RI.

These days he enjoys spending quality time with family, pets, and friends. He is very outgoing, a practical joker, and a self-proclaimed "social advisor" due to friends and coworkers asking his advice about life.

He can be contacted by email.

Grad Class

Graduating class of 1984

Washington Square

Free Shuttles parked on Washington Square

Bill's Dad

The Doctor at the old bus garage, early 1980's

Bill as a Young Driver

Billy driving the bus, 1985

Bill Santa

Billy as skinny Santa Claus

Bill Now

Billy relaxing by the fire on his deck


My hero Ralph


My hero Ralph